Why twentytwopotatoes?

Well, i started taking photography seriously when I was twenty two years old.

And TWO is my lucky number which i came to know about it when i was in secondary school. Whenever i’m in doubt with answers to multiple choice question, i always choose number TWO or option TWO (if i’m torn between two choices) and this secret recipe work pretty well for me!

When i was thinking of a name for my photography journey i tried to think of things i love as much as photography.

To give you a bit of background,  I’m  a fickle minded person, I have jumped from hobbies to hobbies (oil painting, guitar, running etc) and photography is the one that really sticks. Then one day, it struck me that I am a relatively picky eater. To list a few thing i don’t eat – mango, fishball, durian by product, fruit cake, jams, duck. But potato , yes P O T A T O is the one that really sticks with me.

So there you go, the story of how my photography name came about – time, life, luck, love.






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